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Jumpin’ Jack’s Fireworks from the Stockade

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This is the first year that I brought my camera with me to watch the Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks over Freedom Park in Scotia, New  York.  Naturally, I viewed them from my backyard, at the end of Cucumber Alley, on the south bank of the Mohawk River in the Stockade.  I was motivated to take some photos with my Canon PowerShot S5, after noticing yesterday that the camera has a “Special Scene” function for capturing fireworks.  (Yes, it is also “better late than never” to read the Camera User Guide.)

The results reflect my inexperience snapping fireworks, but I got lucky with a few of the shots, all of which have the Isle of the Cayugas beneath the fireworks display (you can see the power towers in a few of the shots).  Having been in the crowd on the Scotia side of the Mohawk for this event a decade ago, I’m pleased to be able to stay right here in my beloved and convenient Stockade neighborhood to fully enjoy the show.

I’m posting an assortment tonight for those who missed this year’s Jumpin’ Jack’s extravaganza, or saw it and would like a few fresh memories.  [As always, you can click on a photo to access a larger version.]

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The next few were taken nextdoor, in the rear of the Briber cottage, at 1 Cucumber Alley:

. ..

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As I try to do with sunsets, here are a couple attempts to have the fireworks reflected in the waters of the Mohawk River:

..   ..

. . . and a pair of serendipitous bobbles:

. . .

. . .

. . . and two more from the rear of 16 Washington Avenue:

My last shot, during the long Jumpin’ Jack’s finale:

– thanks again to all the folks at Jumpin’ Jack’s, the Scotia Fire Department, and every one else who made this year’s display possible –

afterwords (June 28, 2009):   I like this silly shot too much to leave it out of our Jumpin’ Jack’s 2009 album.  I call it “tongues over the Cayugas.”


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