suns along the Mohawk

first snowy morning

. .  For the first time this season, the Stockade neighborhood awoke this morning to snow on its lawns, trees, roofs, etc.  The sight seemed worthy of a round of photos, despite having to drag a reluctant old body out into a cold Sunday morning, trying to beat the sun to the snow.   Indeed, my shutter button was quickly balking, along with my gloveless fingers.  Here are some of the images I liked most after my morning shooting stroll around the Stockade and Riverside Park (as usual, click on the photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description).

– the scene from my backyard along the Mohawk River –

. . . . . .

.. Schenectady County Historical Society..

As you may know, tonight at 5 PM, the Stockade Christmas tree lighting will take place.  Here’s the scene at Lawrence’s Circle about 8:30 AM, December 6, 2009:

. . . . . . . . . .

. . under sun & moon . . 

Up North Ferry St. from the Circle, I stopped to admire the beauty of the cemetery alongside St. George’s Episcopal Church:

The tree at 26 Front St. that I love to photograph for its magnolias in early Spring displayed the dusting of snow in the early sunshine:

Also saw a few angles at 1st Reform Church, too –

. .

Naturally, I ended up down at Riverside Park for a few first-snow photos along the Mohawk:

. . . CSX trestle bridge . .

When the shutter button refused to function and the “replace batteries” sign flashed, I decided to head home for coffee and talking heads.

. . two more Stockade evergreens . .