suns along the Mohawk

around the block around sunset

– a motor boat is passing the Isle of the Cayugas (in the shadows) ’round sunset on May 27, 2010 –

It seems like it’s been a very long time since I’ve taken sunset photographs worth sharing here at suns along the Mohawk.  Maybe I’m not getting out as much that time of day with my camera, or my timing has been poor, but I haven’t been oohing nor ah-ing much at sunsets in the Stockade during May.

Last Monday, for instance, I had to settle for a novelty shot in my backyard when sunset provided almost no coloration in the sky and only the most subtle orange glow on the Mohawk River.  When I started on a short stroll around my block just before sunset yesterday (Thursday, May 27), I decided to focus instead on two subjects of interest to me over the past few weeks: the trees of Washington Avenue (which deserve to be saved) and the new Stockade Historic District Street signs (which we celebrated in a post on May 14), rather than counting on sunset heroics.

Nevertheless, as you’ll see below, the pre-sunset sun’s rays added a nice splash or hint of gold to many of the photos.

[As always, you can click on a photo to get a much larger and sharper version, and scroll over a photo for a description.]

– still standing: trees enhance the scene on Washington Ave. –

From the same block, here are two shots of one of my pet causes (scroll down this posting for more photos): a grand, unique old box elder (box elm?) tree, which has been maligned as being “too ugly” to be worth saving when the street is repaved; plus the Historical Society bathed in pre-sunset sunlight:

. . . 

. . . continuing my walk, I checked out the new street signs at Union and Church Streets:


. . .

. . . first, the corner of N. Church and Union St.

. . . and then S. Church and Union Sts:

. . .

. . . . 

– on the way back home, I snapped a couple more photos of the endangered trees on Washington Ave.:

. .

Bonus: Last tulip standing

in my favorite Stockade backyard (May 2, 2010).

p.s. Here’s a picture taken along the Mohawk from Riverside Park on Memorial Day 2008 and turned into a photo haiga [an image plus related haiku poem] to celebrate Memorial Day. (Find more Memorial Day haiku, senryu and haiga at f/k/a.)