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cherry blossoms are showing off again in the Stockade

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 My 220-mile drive home to see the 2013 Stockade cherry blossoms was a success, with sun and blossoms making for a beautiful display that did not disappoint, despite my high expectations each year.

.. follow-up (April 29): a gray day brings a different kind of beauty:


 . . Enjoy about 50 photos of blooms — mostly cherry blossoms, but a few forsythia and magnolias, too – in the following slideshow.

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Click to see cherry blossoms from earlier this week; and also check out this collection of links to coverage of Stockade blossoms over the years here at suns along the Mohawk:

update/lowdown (May 3, 2013): beautiful in every phase:


– tree in front of 16 Washingotn Ave. – May 3rd –

 The gallery that follows repeats the slideshow photos; you can double-click on the gallery thumbnails for a larger version, and scroll over them for a description.