suns along the Mohawk

Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks as seen from Cucumber Alley over the years


 . . 

. . fireworks seen over Isle of the Cayugas: [L] 2009; [R] 2013. . 

If the River don’t rise,” 2014 2016 will be the 6th 8th year “suns along the Mohawk  covers the annual Fourth of July fireworks sponsored by Jumpin’ Jack’s, from across the Mohawk River at the end of Cucumber Alley in the Schenectady Stockade.  The event normally takes place the Friday before July 4th. Tomorrow (Friday evening, June 28), I hope to balance the “science” of photographing fireworks without undue shaking and blurring with the “art” of  shaking and blurring just enough for an occasional image to produce pyrotechnic magic. (Well, that’s my excuse, anyway.) And, I’ll be trying to capture reflections of the pyroteccnics on the River.

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