suns along the Mohawk

Grave Beauty in the Stockade


FYI: I’ve put together another photobook.  It is titled “Grave Beauty: Cemeteries in the Schenectady Stockade.”  If you click the link, you can preview the entire 20-page book at without having to purchase it.  The book has photos taken of and from the cemeteries at St. George’s and First Presbyterian, plus three bonus pages taken on a lovely autumn day at Vale Cemetery.

Also, if you click on the Photobook tab at the bottom of the masthead, you will find links to each of my three extant photobook compilations, and any additional volumes added to the collection.

As I as say on the Photobooks page, I do not receive any of the proceeds when you buy a book from Shutterfly. 

By my standards, the single-copy “retail” prices at their site are rather high if you are not using one of their many discount promotions. Registering for free might be a smart move, if you are not yet a member there, as they will start sending you offers that will save you money.

  Shutterfly’s prices for bulk purchases (as few as 10 at a time), are much lower.  If a not-for-profit group would like to use one (or more) of my photobooks as a fundraiser, I would be pleased to assist them, taking no profit for myself.  You can contact me directly or leave a comment and I will get in touch.


– St. George’s cemetery in early Spring –

– First Presbyterian Cemetery –