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starting the Stockade’s holiday season

2014 Stockade Tree

The Stockade’s Holiday Season (which includes the Christmas Holy-Day for many and the commercial Christmas Shopping Season for most of us) “officially” begins this afternoon with the Lighting of the Stockade Christmas Tree at Lawrence Circle, in a short ceremony that starts at 5:30 P.M., and an “afterglow” party at Arthur’s immediately thereafter.

To begin my own holiday season, I’ve got some cupcakes waiting to be frosted for the Afterglow party, and I’ve been putting together one-page calendars on various Stockade topics and events from 2014.  You can see the calendars in the following Slideshow, and click on each image in the Gallery below it, for a version of the calendar that can be printed in an 8″ by 10″ format.

Naturally, I am hoping to get a few good photos at the ceremony and party to share with you later this evening. (Click to see our previous coverage of the 2013 Tree Lighting and the 1st Afterglow at Arthur’s event.)

 update (Monday, 10 PM, Dec. 8) After many technical difficulties, I am pleased to say that we have just posted “our 2014 tree lighting” (Dec. 8, 2014), with photos from the pre-and-post-lighting activities.


 Click a thumbnail in the Gallery Below to see a larger version of each one-page calendar; if you would like to print or download the calendar, click the “View full image” link that is below the image.