suns along the Mohawk

our 2014 Tree Lighting

 . . .    Yesterday’s Stockade Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and the Afterglow Party at Arthur’s deserve better than this truncated posting, but this is all I’ve been able to salvage from my mysteriously unruly photoshoot yesterday.  I have no idea why my camera was so balky nor why photos magically appeared on my SD card this afternoon.  But, I’m glad I was able to put together a small Slideshow.  [Although I was unable to get any shots of the actual lighting of the tree, online Gazette subscribers can click here to see the photo by Stacey Lauren-Kennedy that appeared in today’s Gazette (Dec. 8, 2014, p. C1).]  Thank you, Stacey for helping to nurse my camera back to life, and to Donna Thomas for wearing that red fur (not to mention the hat).


If you missed yesterday’s posting with a dozen or so printable one-page Stockade Calendars for 2015, please take a look at “starting the Stockade’s holiday season” (Dec. 7, 2014).