suns along the Mohawk

2015 Stockade Art Show winners

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 Thanks to the Outdoor Art Show committee and its sponsors, and to all the participating artists, for a most enjoyable Show. And, congratulations to all the winners. Here is a list of the winning artists in the 64th Annual Stockade Outdoor Art Show (Facebook), which was held today, Saturday, September 12, 2015.

Note: Fred’s winning photograph, “Flat Water Rush”, deserves to be seen without the reflections shown in my image of it above. Fred was kind enough to share a better version with us, from his gallery, along with the brief explanation that follows.

“The Flats”                                                                                                  

The Flats is my photographic study of the natural diversity of a small section of the Mohawk River, which I call The Flats, as it flows or doesn’t flow, into the Hudson River, in Cohoes, NY. As with most of my artistic work I am fascinated by the details. I attempt to capture those details as I find them and present them in dramatic way, while respecting their natural state.

Fred Neudoerffer

The following Slideshow has all of the winning artists and pieces of art that I have been able to identify from the winners’ circle. (My apologies to those not yet featured or named; I will add the information as it is received.)