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Outdoor Art again in the Stockade

 The 64th Annual Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show took place Saturday, September 12, 2015. Weather forecasters started the day expecting rain to arrive from the West in the mid-afternoon, causing some apprehension among organizers and participating artists. But, as you can see from the  photo to the right, taken as the Show opened at 10 AM, the day started sunny and bright. By noon, it looked like the rain would hold off, despite a growing cloud cover. And only a few drops of rain fell before the 4 PM closing. In between, I met some friendly and interesting artists, schmoozed with several regulars and neighbors, appreciated a satisfying display of art, and enjoyed taking a host of photos, even when the sky went from mostly blue to all gray. The Slideshow below presents some of my favorite (usable) images from the 2015 Stockade Outdoor Art Show. There are about 60 photos. If you can help me identify unlabeled images, please leave a comment or email me.

Paintings by Linda

   . . . 

above: pieces by Ken Santiago [L] and [R] Emma Boers’ exhibit

below: Val Robert Exhibit [R] and Robin Rosenthal’s [L]:

 . . . 

Below the Slideshow is a Gallery with thumbnail images all of the photos. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.


– above: mosaic with slate and colored glass and mirror backing –

The following Gallery includes all of the photos in the above Slideshow. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version. (painting on the left by Jennifer Politano)