suns along the Mohawk

backyard scenes

 Twice this week, on Sunday and then Wednesday, I noticed from the rear of 16 Washington Avenue unusual scenes that seemed to beg for a camera. Our yard borders the south bank of the Mohawk River, near where the Binnekill (Creek) flows into the Mohawk, alongside Cucumber Alley, and just east of Gateway Landing and the Great Western Gateway Bridge. On Sunday, just before sunset, the light made piers of the Bridge seem to be ablaze with fire. On Wednesday, a family of Canadian geese was grazing on the riverbank and the yard among a flurry of large snowflakes, with a big spiral staircase lying on the ground next-door. In between, the Tuesday scene was “merely” a bluish River filled with thin ice floes and reflecting a gorgeous blue sky fill with puffy white clouds.

Here’s the scene looking east toward the Gateway Bridge from the rear of 16 Washington Avenue in the Stockade in Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively:



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And, another look at the burning bridge:

The above photos and several others taken on Sunday and Wednesday, January 10th and 12th, are included in the following Slideshow.