suns along the Mohawk

2016 flamingos warm up Lawrence Circle


he Stockade tradition of a Valentine’s Day flamingo visitation at Lawrence Circle could not be stymied by record low windchills last night and this morning.  As you can see in the photos above, and slideshow below, they are back in 2016, and don’t even need snowdrifts to be both lovely and cuddly.

 A image to the left shows the morning warm-up.

You can find our prior Flamingo Visit coverage by clicking on the Valentine Flamingos link in our in our Sidebar’s Categories Box; and, can see the past 9 years of Stockade Flamingo History by browsing through our Valentine Flamingo photobook at Shutterfly.*



HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY to all our Visitors!

. . a charming snowman couple from last week’s Celebration of the Snowman stayed for Valentine’s day and got hugged a lot . . 


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