suns along the Mohawk

June 2017 outtakes

 . . alongside 1 Union St., at Washington Ave.

Before June 2017 falls into my Boomer Bin of Lost Memories, I want to post some photos that have not been seen yet here, but deserve posting for posterity (or simply to refresh my memory as years go by).

Slight Tangent: I had not planned to include the photo to the right in this post. But, an article in today’s Schenectady Gazette about the need to renew the tennis courts in Schenectady’s Central Park (“Work on Central Park tennis courts, Music Haven lag“, by Bill Buell, July 1, 2017), reminded me of it, which I took on June 15 at the east end of our Riverside Park. I left the “Note” below for Jeremy Howard, who is quoted in the Gazette article.

Note to Jeremy Howard, Schenectady’s Director of Property Management: The above courts are the closest tennis courts the City has to Mohawk Harbor and the Rivers Casino. Please consider asking Mssrs. Buicko and Bluhm for a good faith donation to their neighbors down Front Street, to bring tennis back to the Stockade’s lovely neighborhood park.

tangent update (July 2, 2017); A neighbor informed me yesterday that the courts in Riverside Park were weeded and spruced up a bit last week after years of neglect. No nets yet, of course. Click on the thumbnail collage to the right to see the condition of the courts on July 2, 2017.

. . June gleanings:

 . . right:  a Flag Day scene, June 14, 2017, on the 200 block of Union Street


 . . 

 . . above: front and rear views Teller House, 121 Front St. (June 14, 2017) . . 

Slideshow I has many additional photos taken on Flag Day, June 14, 2017, in the Stockade neighborhood.



Next, a visit to Central Park last Sunday, June 25, 2017, yielded my first in-person viewing of the new pergola in the Rose Garden, plus shots taken strolling around Iroquois Lake. You will find images in Slideshow II.



Finally, Sideshow III has miscellaneous shots from the Stockade, Riverside Park, and Downtown that were taken in June 2017: