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2017 Outdoor Art Show shines

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. . (above:) exhibits of Dan Predmore [L] and Kellen Riell; and (below:) Leah Bliven‘s exhibit

Below is Slideshow One, a quick preview of scenes along Front Street prior to the 10 AM opening of the 2017 Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show. Slideshow Two was added at 9:00 PM, with photos taken at the Winners’ Circle before and during the awards ceremony; it shows the winning artists and their art. Slideshow Three has over 75 images from throughout the day at the Show.



 . . 10:00 AM, at Lawrence Circle


6:00 PM Supplement:

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. . above: two views of Lawrence’s Winners’ Circle prior to award ceremony . . 

 . . Kerry D’Alessandro artfully announced the winners, assisted by Steve Kowalski, Zoe Oxley, Karen Johnson, Larry Schmidt, et al. . .  

WINNERS’ LIST in the order presented (images coming soon):

People’s Choice: Lori Lupe Pelish


Cohen Award (best depiction of the Stockade): Ritvik Sharma:


 . .   . . Gillilan Award (given by Oakroom Artists for body of work): Kellen Riell

Colangelo Award (1st-time exhibitor):Kellen Riell 

Young Artist awards: [see Slideshow Two]

3rd place: Morgan Moser

2nd place: Mia Etkin

1st place: Sarah Grossman

Honorable Mentions:

Olivia Ortega, Val Robert, George Dirolf, Susan Edsall Nadler, Lorraine Dewey, Jen Cerutti [see Slideshow 2 for images of artists and art pieces]

Overall winners:

3rd place: David Hinchen 

2nd place: Lori Lupe Pelish 

1st place: Richard Sacchetti 

. . coming soon: scores of photos from the Winners’ Circle and the Art Show exhibits . .

Slideshow Two: WINNERS’ CIRCLE and AWARDS Images


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SLIDESHOW THREE: OUT AND ABOUT – four score more photos taken during my roaming and schmoozing around the Outdoor Art Show throughout the event.



. . above: more from Leah Bliven

. . Stockade ally Mohamed Hafez campaigns for City Counsel seat and chats with Kim Leahey. .

.. .

Miletta kids guard dad’s art

Rick Leahey’s nature photography

  . . this posting is dedicated to my good friend (since freshman year, 1967, at Georgetown U.), Timothy P. Francis, and all his kith and kin, who were gathered today, September 9, 2017, at BlackSalt Restaurant in Washington DC, to celebrate him and his life. Peace, My Friend.