suns along the Mohawk

visiting the Mohawk Harbor Marina

Last Saturday (Novcmber 4), I headed over for my first close-up view of the Marina at Mohawk Harbor, as well as Harborside Drive.

A November 1, 2017, Times Union article, “Schenectady christens new Mohawk Harbor marina” (Nov. 1, 2017) reported that:

State and local officials on Wednesday christened the new marina at Mohawk Harbor, the $480 million mixed-use development on the Mohawk River.

The only man-made harbor on the 200-year-old Erie Canal,  the marina features 50 boat slips, an amphitheater and kayak launch. .

 . . “Every year, 46,000 boaters pass by this site on the Mohawk, and they truly just passed us by,” said Schenectady County Legislature Chairman Anthony Jasenski. “Now, they have a reason to stop. It is truly a great day for Schenectady County.”

 . .  My Harbor stroll started near the parking lot of the casino’s The Landing Hotel, from whence I headed toward River House and the Marina:

. . 


. . above: view northeast toward Freeman’s Bridge from Marina amphitheater . . 

  . amphitheater . 

  . . [L] Marina’s Mohawk River inlet alongside RPI nuclear facility . . 

. . above: view southwest from River end of Marina . .

. . RPI facility; camouflaged as a lighthouse someday? . .


 . . background shows STS Steel on the left, Casino Parking Ramp on the right .  . 


After checking out the Marina, I walked around to the other side of River House to visit Harborside Drive. The following collage shows a few resulting pictures:

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