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update: We seemed to have succeeded. See “what the parkland alienation resolutions mean” (June 13, 2017)

original posting:

You can help to preserve Riverside Park as we know and love it, by printing out our Stockade Association Petition, and signing it, and/or distributing it to get even more signatures. [Return instructions below.] Click the following link or the image to the right for a printable pdf. version of the Stockade Association’s “Save Riverside Park: No Park Land for a Sewage Pump Station” Petition. The text of the Petition can be found below.

  • please note:
    • You Do Not Have to Live in the Stockade. We are very much aware that a large portion of the people who use Riverside Park, whether regularly or for special occasions, and many who appreciate how fortunate Schenectady is to have such a special park along its urban riverbank, do not live in the Stockade neighborhood, or even in Schenectady. We encourage all such fans of Riverside Park to sign this Petition, to let our leaders know
    • The Old Pump Station Lot is not Parkland. We do not consider the fenced in lot where the current pumping station is located to be part of Riverside Park and, therefore, putting a new pump station on that lot is an acceptable alternative that comes within the concept of “OUTSIDE the Park”, as it would not take any land currently being used as parkland.
    • If the following poster is not sufficient reason (click on it for a larger version), please see tinyurl.com/NotInOurPark for discussion of why we oppose the proposed new pump station’s location.

  • How to Return Petitions: You do not have to fill up the Petition sheet before returning it. When you have signed and/or have solicited other signatures, please mail the printed Petition(s) to Stockade Association President Carol DeLaMater, 20 Washington Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12305, or drop the Petition off in a container for that purpose at the front door at that address.
    • Although having your telephone or email contact information could be helpful to us, as the campaign to save the Park continues, you need only give your name and address and signature, if you prefer not to be contacted or to share that information.

Here is the Text of the Petition:



We, the undersigned, call on our City, State and Federal officials to protect Riverside Park and not allow any additional park land to be used for a new sewage pump station. Riverside Park is an integral part of the Stockade Historic District and is a resource for everyone in Schenectady County and the Capital Region. The park land is irreplaceable and deserves protection.

We support the City’s ongoing work to upgrade the City’s wastewater treatment system but urge our elected officials to retrofit the existing pump station or build a new pump station OUTSIDE the Park.

Thank you for your help. We hope to see you at an unmolested Riverside Park soon.

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