Posted by: David Giacalone | May 14, 2011

Riverside playground gets mulched for safety

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– mulched and ready for action – 11 A.M. –

– mulch mound – 9 A.M. –

– mulch mound – 10:45 A.M. –

  The Stockade’s annual Clean-up & Planting Day in Riverside Park morphed into a single-focused project this year:  laying down a thick carpet of mulch beneath every piece of equipment in the Park’s children’s playground as protective ground-cover.  After a campaign by Stockade resident Tom Hodgkins to make the playground safer, the Stockade Association decided to purchase a mountain of mulch from the County, which was delivered to the end of North Street on Friday, May 13, 2011.

In the slideshow below, you can see about 30 photos depicting many aspects of this morning’s mulching project — from the giant, intimidating mulch mound at 9 AM, to the arrival of members of the Union College crew team and SCCC athletic program, plus many neighbors with rakes, shovels, gloves and wheelbarrels, and the amazing disappearing mound (10:45 AM), to relaxing college kids after their hard labors, Hodgkins’ kids working and charming us all (as usual), and consumption of pizza to cap the event. As always, Jennifer Wells and Carol DeLaMater worked extra hard, along with Tom Hodgkins, to organize the project and keep things rolling.  The college students were indispensable, as were several of our neighbors.  Thanks to all those who helped and to the Stockade Association for funding and feeding the event.

The Gallery at the  bottom of this posting has each of the   photos from the Slideshow. Click on the image for a larger version.

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Click here for our posting about the 2010  spring clean-up and planting day in Riverside Park.

 For a bonus dose of the event’s three extra-cute children, see “Clifford and the Hodgkins Kids.”

. Click on an image in the Gallery below for a larger version of the photo.


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