Jamming5thHcover  In the Spring of 2014, I started assembling photobooks featuring images of various aspects of the Stockade and life along the Mohawk River.  Below are descriptions of each with links to the Shutterfly website, where you can “preview” a book in its entirety (with no obligation to purchase it), using the Share links below.

My goal is to have you enjoy the Stockade images (and stories), not to sell books.  However, if you would like a printed version of one of the 8×8-inch books, in hard or soft cover, please contact me directly (rather than paying Shutterfly’s regular prices).  I will provide the books at my cost to have them printed (using available discounts and coupons).

. . . scroll down to see our favorites, Valentine Flamingos and Jamming on the Mohawk . . .

HaigaOnMohawkCoverH4Don’t miss my special “photo-haiga” book “Haiga on the Mohawk“, which has 37 photos with related haiku poems.

I will add preview links on this page for any additional photobooks that I compile, so please come back occasionally to check for new compilations.

AfterIreneScover Added September 4, 2014, updated August 2016, with name changed from “A Stockade September: 2011”, to “After Irene, A Stockade September“.

Click this link for a page-by-page preview of After Irene, A Stockade September: the many moods of September 2011 in the Schenectady NY Stockade“, a 32-page photobook that chronicles a particularly interesting month in the Stockade. September 2011 started with clean-up after flooding caused by the Tropical Storm phase of Hurricane Irene, followed by more flooding due to heavy rains from Tropical Storm Lee, which did not prevent the traditional Outdoor Art Show two days later; the second half of the month brought a dreamy foggy morning, and a non-traditional Walkabout day that ended in a gorgeous sunset.


Click the following link for a preview of “Grave Beauty: Cemeteries in the Schenectady Stockade” (2d Ed., 2015), which features the cemeteries of St. George’s Episcopal Church and 1st Presbyterian Church, which grace our Stockade neighborhood.


JamMohCover Jamming5thHcover Click the following link, and then on book cover to see the 5th Edition of my personal favorite, “Jamming on the Mohawk : ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade” (5th Edition, 22 pages). It has icy images from the winters of 2009 through 2019, along the Stockade section of the Mohawk and in Riverside Park.


Flamingos4thHcover And, click the following link for a preview of the 4th edition of my very first photo-book: “Valentine Flamingos in the Schenectady Stockade: whimsy and mystery at Lawrence Circle” (4th Edition, 2020). The book has been expanded to 24 pages and follows a dozen years of the pink flamingo Valentine tradition and mystery at Lawrence Circle in the Stockade, with 60 photos.



  1. What great efforts of the photos on the ice jam evolution in the Mohawk River. Could you please reach out to me via email about the purchase of the book? Thanks.

    • Hello, Fengbin. Thank you for your kind words. Shutterfly seems to be giving a big discount until Nov. 20, and you can get Jamming on the Mohawk for $22.12, including shipping. Just click on the image of the book at the top of this page, and then follow the prompts. They will get it to you quickly. Enjoy, and best wishes!

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