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Stockade-athon 2018 visits Front Street and Lawrence



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2018-LeadEscortCar . . Over seventy photos from the Stockade leg of the [MVP Health Care] Stockade-athon 2018 have been posted here today. . . On Nov. 6, 2018, we wrote about the long-awaited (by the editor, at least) Course Change that brought the race back to Front Street and Lawrence Circle. The photo on the right shows the lead escort car turning onto Front St. from Washington Avenue at about 8:32 am.

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Stockade portion of Course

IMG_9280The next three photos were taken on Front Street near N. Church Street. They show the first five men on Front Street, who were also the first five runners to cross the Finish Line.

The front three men on Front Street finished one, two, and three, with two seconds between them. See the next blurb for their stats.





  • Top 3 Male Finishers: only Two Seconds separated the first three runners across the finish line with Francois Jarry [BIB 3] of Montreal 1st in 47:48; Ben Fazio [BIB 1513] of Troy 2nd in 47:49; and Ryan Udvadia [BIB 1329] of Albany 3rd in 47:50.
    • Alex Benway [Bib 4] and Scot Mindel [BIB 1] were fourth and fifth, respectively
  • Top 3 Female Finishers: Samantha Roecker [BIB 1523] was the first woman across the Finish Line, at 54:49; Danielle Winslow [BIB 1415] was 2nd at 55:59; and Katie Messina of Somerville MA [BIB 8] was 3rd at 56:47.
  • You can see streaming, searchable Race Results here.
  • Erica Miller has a large Gallery of photos at the Gazette; and Mike McAdam writes about the enjoyment the top male runners had with such a close race. See “Jarry, Roecker win Stockade-athon” (Gazette, Nov. 11, 2018). And, see a gallery at the Times Union by Gary McPherson.


. . above: Samantha Roecker [BIB 1523] and Katie Messina [BIB 8] cross N. Church St. on Front St.  Samantha finished 1st and Katie 3rd in the Women’s Division. (The woman in the pink jersey may be Danielle Winslow [BIB 1415], who finished 2nd in the Division.)


. . above: Katie was running a little too fast for me to catch all of her.


This set of square tiles were the first shots I took this morning, just before 8:30, showing Washington Avenue, and Front Street to Lawrence Circle, before the Road Race arrived.  Click on an image for a larger version and scroll them for captions.



. . Here are a few scenes at Lawrence Circle, with many more to come, including a Slideshow with many “faces of the Stockade-athon”, capturing folks who captured my attention in the editing room, and deserve applause no matter where they “placed”.





The determined Ed Salvo continues his legend.







. .

3 P.M. addition: This Slideshow has about five dozen more photos from the Stockade portion of today’s Stockade-athon.

  • For a larger version of a photo in the Slideshow, pause on the image, right-click, and choose Show Image in Separate Tab.
  • Runners may use any photo from this Stockade-athon posting for any purpose without further permission. Others may use the photos for any non-commercial purpose, with attribution to David Giacalone at “suns along the Mohawk.”




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