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Mohawk Regatta 2017 seen from Riverside Park

          . . a heron takes a closer look   

 Despite a relatively small zoom lens, I tried to capture some of the action and color of the 2017 Mohawk Fall Classic Regatta [Facebook page] from the west end and esplanade of Riverside Park, on the Schenectady side of the Mohawk River. Hosted by the Burnt Hills Rowing Association, the event is held on the Scotia side of the River, with crowds gathering at Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In and Freedom Park. As explained at the BHRA website:

 The 3700 meter head race starts downstream and finishes in front of the Freedom Park stage. The last 500 meters of the race is fully viewable from shore.

The results of my photo shoot can be seen in the following Slideshow and separate photos posted here, with a total of about 50 images, shot between 1:30 and 2 PM, and displayed in the order taken. For a nice gallery of much closer shots by Marc Schultz., see the Daily GazetteCheers and Family at Mohawk Regatta: Event marks 17th year” (by Steven Cook, October 9, 2017). Results can be found on the Regatta’s twitter page.

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 . . . 

above: view from Esplanade [R] east to CSX trestle; [L] west to Western Gateway Bridge

below: collage of crews practicing on October 2, 2017:


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. . 4 Washington Avenue has been moved to its new location (13Sep2017)

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2017 Outdoor Art Show shines

 . . IMG_4463

. . (above:) exhibits of Dan Predmore [L] and Kellen Riell; and (below:) Leah Bliven‘s exhibit


Below is Slideshow One, a quick preview of scenes along Front Street prior to the 10 AM opening of the 2017 Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show. Slideshow Two was added at 9:00 PM, with photos taken at the Winners’ Circle before and during the awards ceremony; it shows the winning artists and their art. Slideshow Three has over 75 images from throughout the day at the Show.

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IMG_4475-001 . . 10:00 AM, at Lawrence Circle



6:00 PM Supplement:

IMG_4614 . . IMG_4620

. . above: two views of Lawrence’s Winners’ Circle prior to award ceremony . . 

IMG_4644 . . Kerry D’Alessandro artfully announced the winners, assisted by Steve Kowalski, Zoe Oxley, Karen Johnson, Larry Schmidt, et al. . .  

WINNERS’ LIST in the order presented (images coming soon):

People’s Choice: Lori Lupe Pelish


Cohen Award (best depiction of the Stockade): Ritvik Sharma:



 . . IMG_4464  . . Gillilan Award (given by Oakroom Artists for body of work): Kellen Riell

Colangelo Award (1st-time exhibitor):Kellen Riell IMG_4631

Young Artist awards: [see Slideshow Two]

3rd place: Morgan Moser

2nd place: Mia Etkin

1st place: Sarah Grossman

Honorable Mentions:

Olivia Ortega, Val Robert, George Dirolf, Susan Edsall Nadler, Lorraine Dewey, Jen Cerutti [see Slideshow 2 for images of artists and art pieces]

Overall winners:

3rd place: David Hinchen Grand-3dDHinchen

2nd place: Lori Lupe Pelish Grand-2dLLPelish

1st place: Richard Sacchetti  grant-1strsaccheti.jpg

. . coming soon: scores of photos from the Winners’ Circle and the Art Show exhibits . .

Slideshow Two: WINNERS’ CIRCLE and AWARDS Images

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IMG_4638 . . IMG_4653

SLIDESHOW THREE: OUT AND ABOUT – four score more photos taken during my roaming and schmoozing around the Outdoor Art Show throughout the event.

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. . above: more from Leah Bliven

IMG_4684. . Stockade ally Mohamed Hafez campaigns for City Counsel seat and chats with Kim Leahey. .


Rick Leahey

Rick Leahey’s nature photography

 Timothy P. Francis . . this posting is dedicated to my good friend (since freshman year, 1967, at Georgetown U.), Timothy P. Francis, and all his kith and kin, who were gathered today, September 9, 2017, at BlackSalt Restaurant in Washington DC, to celebrate him and his life. Peace, My Friend.




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. . missing Loraine (and Devin) . . 

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an excellent eclipse event at the Library

 . . 

What a lovely afternoon to visit the Central Library or miSci in Downtown Schenectady and share a special event with scores of fans and pilgrims of the Great 2017 American Eclipse as a community. So many families were already in line at noon at the Library that the 200+ pairs of eclipse-safe eyeglasses had to be rationed. But they were shared happily by sun-gazers of all ages, with not a bit of whining within my earshot. The only stressor was finding a cost-free parking space.

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sunset beauty before the big eclipse

This evening before the much-anticipated 2017 solar eclipse, I headed out my door a little before sunset to head over to Riverside Park. Before I got there, three teens with skateboards leaving the Park passed by; the sun playing with a lawn chair behind 10 Washington Avenue caught my fancy, and the site of the soon-to-be-moved 4 Washington Avenue distracted me.

  •  Then, as soon as I entered Riverside Park, I saw a cute little toddler, whose parent was walking away toward the Park path, trying to climb a boulder at the end of Governor’s Lane parking lot (as the “leaders” who sneaked the boulders into the Park, without any chance for neighbors to comment, should have anticipated).

Luckily, the beauty of a golden sun on the horizon, reflected in the Mohawk, demanded my attention and soothed my agitated mind. I also met a couple with cameras and tripods on a bench near the playlot; we spoke of the wonderful sunsets in this little Park, Vietnam, institutional religion, and more. You can see the physical elements mentioned above in the following Slideshow.



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favorites from July 2017

 . . 

. . above: parent and child on the Riverside Park footpath . . 

The slideshow below, and the individual photos in this posting, constitute favorite images of mine from July 2017. I hope they bring back good memories for our readers from the first half of summer 2017.





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  • Riverside-ParentChild9Jul2017 Click this thumbnail for a collage of the two parent-child photos at the top of this posting. It is formatted for a 5″ by 7″ print.
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Mr. Hafez throws a party

IMG_4219a-001 . . MAHafez06Aug2017 . . . Friends of Mohamed A. Hafez look forward every year to his early-August bar-b-que picnic, which at times — like today — coincides with his birthday. Mohamed throws it on the lawn, under trees, alongside his Crane Insurance office, on Crisler Avenue. I went for the first time last year, and greatly enjoyed the people and food, and low-key, friendly ambiance, that fits so well with Mohamed’s personality. And, today was a wonderful repeat of all of these elements, with the bonus of lovely weather and sunshine that made many of my photos glow.

  • Plus, we all got free ball caps that just happened to say “Hafez forSchenectady City Counsel.” Despite the caps, there was no politicking going on; but, Mohamed did promise a campaign picnic in the near future.

 Like last year, Sonny the Macaw got a lot of attention, so you’ll see more of him in the Slideshow, in which the photos are presented in the order they were taken. I wish I had gotten there sooner, and got to meet some of the guests who had to leave early. A most pleasant Sunday picnic resulted in a rare “Visits Elsewhere” posting here at “suns along the Mohawk.”


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