Posted by: David Giacalone | October 15, 2022

remember September



above: Schenectady City Hall (September 26, 2022); lovely on the outside . . 

It seems like September is long gone, but here are a few images since the Stockade Outdoor Art Show that I just don’t want to forget.

. . for instance, a handful of photos taken during the Stockade 2022 Walkabout (click on a tile for a full, larger version):


. . a shade tree gives 25 Washington Ave. a dappled look . .





 . . 17 No. Ferry drew a crowd all day. . 

. . 205 Union St. (work in progress) 2022Walka-205Union



. . Mexican Radio Restaurant in light and shadow before sunset (Sept. 26, 2022)



. . large new mural by Serrano and Bogrån (Sept 26, 2022) at Broadway and Liberty St. . 


. . and, an auspicious sunset start to October from my backyard:


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