Posted by: David Giacalone | November 15, 2021

our fundraiser for Veterans Miracle Center continues

It’s mid-November and you can still help our photo-card fundraiser for VMC and the veterans it serves. Click on VETERANS for views of each card and information about the unique Veterans Miracle Center in Albany NY.

washcucseasonscardfThroughout November 2021, “Suns Along the Mohawk” is offering you the opportunity to help VMC by purchasing Stockade and Mohawk River photo-cards by the proprietor of this website, David Giacalone, with all proceeds to go to VMC. The 7″ x  5″ photo-cards are two-sided (with envelopes, on 100 weight card stock; no fold). There are 25 different cards with topics such as Mohawk River sunsets, Schenectady cherry blossoms, ice floes and jams along the Mohawk, flooding after Hurricane Irene, and more, including collages with photos of Lawrence the Indian, the venerable slide at Riverside Park’s playlot, and the seasons at the corner of Washington Avenue and Cucumber Alley [at the Right].

ONLY a DOLLAR. To entice your donation, we are asking for a minimum donation of $1 per card. A great deal for a great cause.


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