Posted by: David Giacalone | February 13, 2022

Lawrence hosts Valentine Flamingos again

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 IMG_4112 . . IMG_4129c

update (Feb. 14, 2022): As forecasted, there were blue skies with bright sunlight this afternoon, adding to the lovely charm of our 2022 Flamingo Flamboyance at Lawrence Circle. Here are more than a dozen images celebrating Valentine’s Day with Lawrence.







. . click on a thumbnail for a larger version . . IMG_4121

. . thank you for continuing are Stockade Valentine tradition. The Flock of Flamingos will be here until after dark tonight, February 14.

. shadows . IMG_4124

ORIGINAL POSTING, Sunday night, February 13, 2022.


This year’s flamboyance of Valentine flamingos arrived February 13 at Lawrence Circle early enough to catch the Super Bowl game. They found a quiet Circle under an almost-full waxing gibbous moon.* The flamingos will be visiting Lawrence here in the Schenectady Stockade until after dark on Valentine’s Day. It will be cold but sunny under blue skies for the brief flamingo visit on February 14, which should mean lovely selfies and other photographs for fans of romance and whimsy at Lawrence Circle.



Here are a few more photos taken at the Circle Sunday evening; click on a thumbnail for a larger verison.

Come back to this webpost during the afternoon on Valentine’s Day for daylight images of our mysterious Stockade tradition. [For coverage of prior Valentine flamingo events here in the Stockade, spanning over a decade, see our Valentine Flamingos category page.] Maybe meet a friend at Arthur’s 1795 to enjoy more of our Stockade traditions.

  • LawrenceCircleBlocksA little Stockade advocacy: You may have noticed that Lawrence Circle, with its new fence, is surrounded by unsightly protective blocks of cement apparently meant to fend off errant snowplows and other motorists. The blocks also obstruct the view of plantings and pink visitors in the Circle. Please let City Hall know if you agree they should be replaced ASAP by attractive, sturdy decorative bollards that would be far more appropriate in a treasured Historic District (example; and 2nd one; and 3rd). As the City Planning and Engineering Departments know, decorative bollards come in many designs and degrees of strength, including temporary styles that can be removed seasonally, if desired.

. . please come back for photos taken on Valentine’s Day. And cite this post with the shorter URL:

follow-up (February 15, 2022): Our good friend, meteorolgy maven Steve Caporizzo at NewsChannel10, featured our Stockade Valentine Flamingos again this year. See his Facebook Flamingo posting last night. Here is a link to the video segment –


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