signs-hist-cuc-washWC ..  On February 28, 2009, I stopped writing f/k/a, a multi-faceted weblog that had been a major part of my daily life for six years (with almost 2500 posts and a million visits).  As I write this About Page a day later, I haven’t yet missed writing about lawyer ethics (from the client’s point of view) and offering punditry on many other topics, or even felt the urge to present more “real haiku” poetry. However, I did immediately wonder how I could continue sharing the photos I’ve been taking along the Mohawk River, in Riverside Park, and around the neighboring Stockade Historic District in Schenectady, New York, where I live.  “suns along the Mohawk” is my answer.  [An explanation of our Copyright Policy and Comment Policy can be found at the bottom of this page.]

photo of David Giacalone taken by Arhtur Giacalone in Rochester (Greece) NY - Easter 2010 -04/04/2010

. . snowmencameoBW BTW: See my website “Snowmen At The Gates” for commentary on Schenectady civic/political topics . .

favoritebench I’m neither a professional photographer nor a rabid photography enthusiast fretting over exposures and shutter speeds.  I am a former-recovering lawyer (first antitrust, then family/children’s law) and mediator. At the time of this writing (2009), I am in my 60th year, write haiku poetry, make photo-haiga, and play lawn bocce [even in the snow] and Scrabble. I lived in Washington, D.C. for two decades before moving to Schenectady in 1988.  Until obtaining a digital camera from a friend in early 2008, I had never taken more than a few snapshots a year, and hadn’t picked up a camera in over a decade.  However, when I took my first photo of a sunset along the Mohawk on March 15, 2008, and saw the result, I thought “this is one very photogenic river” and “it seems even a monkey can take a good shot.”   Soon, sunsets — with their many variations in the skies above the Mohawk and reflected on its waters — became a great motivator to get me out much more often for walks around the neighborhood.   (see my f/k/a post “what is it about sunsets?“)

Those strolls also reminded me how lovely, unique and neighborly the Stockade District is. My humble Canon Powershot S5 IS (and its evolving replacements) allowed me to capture its beauty, while the built-in forum and audience at f/k/a allowed me to share and memorialize it.  See, for example, coverage of our cherry blossoms and tulips, plus the mysterious annual Valentine pink flamingo visitation.

This weblog will permit me to continue the indulgence of sharing photographs that I find memorable, or commemorating noteworthy events, from along the Mohawk and around the Stockade neighborhood [expanding into Downtown Schenectady and nearby locations].  Posting will be leisurely and occasional, rather than obsessive and daily, and you are urged to stop by for a window on a special piece of geography.  Please forgive my technical shortcomings, and enjoy the view along with me.

You can reach me by leaving a Comment.

. . . . David Giacalone, Schenectady, NY, USA (March 10, 2009)  David Giacalone Mar08

dag15mar2016b photo update (March 2016): my first selfie

    • In 2016, I activated a dormant Facebook Page, and use it to highlight events and issues.

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