. . . above: [L] flash-freeze flood and [R] happy toddlers at Riverside Park

 November 2022: Discounts at CVS the past few months on their photo canvases had me experimenting for the first time with that medium. I’ve been very pleased with virtually every canvas and want to share the results. E.g., see the first two examples along the Mohawk, above; and (R) Santa & Lawrence after the Stockade Tree Lighting (Dec. 2022).

Below: our new Schenectady Train Station (2020)


People ask if I painted them, and I’m even tempted to say yes. Click on an image for a larger version.

Not having a studio or gallery for staging samples, I used a few spots in my home in lighting that could not do justice to each piece. Happily, the photo-canvas images speak for themselves, and I hope they will tempt you to see them in person, when I find an exhibition space.[see red check below for exhibition news]


above: Looking west on Mohawk R. from Riverside Park Overlook (Feb. 2022)

red-checkUPDATE: You can see many of these photo-canvases all month long in April, 2023, at the “cozy and intimate” Moon & River Cafe, 115 So. Ferry St., between Liberty and Union Streets, in the Stockade neighborhood. Please stop by and enjoy food, music, art, and friends. All are invited to a Reception on Tuesday, April 11, from 6 to 8 PM, with music by the Dave Kitchen Trio.  . . .Sending thanks to Richard Genest, proprietor and chef. . . 


Canvas4SlidesCollage . . four scenes with the Riverside Park playlot slide, the only piece remaining from an eclectic set of playground equipment (removed by the City in 2015) that many kids and adults came to love.

  • The canvases are either 16″ x 20″ or 11″ x 14″. Click on a square tile in the columns below to see a full, larger version of the image. Scroll over an image for a description. 

2022 Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks seen from Cucumber Alley



  .. Looking east up State St. from Proctors Marquee (Aug. 2017) 




HungAutumnSlide2015 . . Riverside Park playlot slide (Nov. 2015) . .  

  . . Park slide during Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee flooding:


. . viewing Scotia from my favorite Riverside Park bench (Dec. 28, 2008):


 . . and, an ice floe jam at the Park overlook in March 2011:


. . .

The popular red Dancer sculpture at Union College (by Jack Howard-Potter) looks pretty good on canvas, especially with Jackson’s Garden showing-off autumn colors behind it (last week of October, 2022).





. . and, the Jackson’s Garden Gazebo was inviting . . 

Here are several more photos on canvas I hope you’ll like: Scroll over each square tile for a description and click on one for a larger version (Note: Clifford and other popular playlot fixtures were removed in the fall of 2015, to “improve” the playlot using modern, generic fixtures, with only the Slide kept,).


. . cliick on an image for a larger version . . 

Our 2022 Stockade Spring beauty included the 1st Presbyterian Steeple overlooking St. George’s Cemetery and its magnolia tree:


Sunsets over the Isle of the Cayugas along the Stockade section of the Mohawk River in the summer of 2020 [below, L] and blossoms from around Schenectady were made into collages and put on canvas:



 . . HungCherryBlossomCollage 

. . above: cherry blossoms on Washington Ave. in the Stockade, and at Congregation Gates of Heaven, City Hall, and Central Park Rose Garden . .

. . the City Hall photos in the above collage and on the canvas below are my memorial to the needlessly removed cherry blossom trees:



  Right around the corner from City Hall, on the Franklin Street wall of Pizza King, a mural celebrating a famous caterpillar and butterfly pair appeared in June 2022, thanks to artist Oscar Bogran, the Schenectady Kids Art Festival, and some helpul small hands. [see image on the Left]

Soft sunlight made the patio at Johnny’s Restaurant and the Center City façade, State Street at Jay Street, particularly pretty in this image on canavas temporarily hung over my breakfast table:

. . and, looking east along the Proctors block (2016):


. . while golden sunlight warmed a November Sunday on Jay Street:



JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2023: Here are a few more of my photos on canvas [scroll over a square for a description and click on it for a larger version]:


. . here’s a winter Stockade scene with a spotlight on the steeple of 1st Presbyterian Church:


. . also in winter:


. . above: Campbell Row town-houses, Washington Ave. in the Stockade . .

. . below: sunset over Isle of the Cayugas seen from Riverside Park Overlook (Feb. 20, 2022). .



. . Historical Society Sign with Cherry Blossoms (2014) . .



. . Riverside Park Tulips along the Mohawk (2018) . .  


. . as lovely as our now-traditional Valentine’s Day Flamingos at Lawrence Circle (2014):


. . our Central Park Rose Garden has a fine fountain; the wheelbarrow reminds us of the many volunteers and the work they do to make the Garden a beautiful attraction . . 


MARCH 2023

. . remembering Lady Liberty at her home for 57 years in Liberty Park (Sept. 2016) [L] from the front, looking toward State Street, and [R] from the rear, viewed toward Washington Ave. and SCCC . .

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