Posted by: David Giacalone | June 13, 2022

two new Downtown murals worth a visit

On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, June 10 & 11, I enjoyed lovely strolling weather and sights in Downtown Schenectady. I was pleased to see in person that there are two new “public art” murals near Jay St. at Franklin St. and the Jay St. Pedestrian Walkway that could put a smile on my face. 


First (above), as part of this year’s Schenectady Kids Art Festival, Oscar Bogran designed the Butterfly Mural on the side wall of Pizza King at Franklin and Jay Streets. On June 4th, most of the mural was painted, with the help of kids who were guided by Bogran’s plastic stencils.  Oscar put finishing touches on Friday, including cleaning the sidewalk, and the mural was “unveiled” over the weekend at the closing of Schenectady Arts Week.

ButterflyMural10Jun2022 . . Oscar Bogran hopes folks who want wings will be photographed or make selfies in front of the Butterfly. For more details, see this June 1st Gazette article.



On Friday evening, I was surpised to see an artist painting along the alley-way off Jay St. that leads to the Clinton St. Parking Lot. A colorful, playful Monopoly Board Mural was nearing completion. It was created by the artist Elona Mitchell-Strong, who also hosted a community mural-painting day on the Jay Street pedestrian mall Saturday, June 11. Dowtown Schenectady (DSIC) and the Capital Region Arts Center sponsored Elona’s mural.

Click on any of the square tiles below for a larger image of the Monopoly Board mural.

Better yet, plan on coming to Jay Street to enjoy each of the new murals in person.

update (June 29, 2022): Walking by along Jay Street on June 26, 2022, I had to snap a few more pictures of the two new murals, with different light and angles. They still looked pretty good. Click on a tile for a larger version.


Happy Follow-up (July 27, 2022): Artist Elona Mitchell-Strong announced Monday July 25 she had “finally finished” her first mural. Not aware it was finished, as I strolled down Jay Street the next day, I was pleased and surprised to see the final touches Elona had added to her ms.terpiece. Here are a few snaps from my smartphone, including the character Elona calls her first logo, designed by Nate Peltier of Schenectady.

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