Posted by: David Giacalone | September 10, 2022

before summer 2022 ends

SunFl207Union14Jul22The 71st Stockade Outdoor Art Show ended a few hours ago, and once again gave me a very enjoyable day of photography and schmoozing.  Lots of good art, images, and people.  I just took my memory card out of my Canon and discovered I took over 200 photos at the Art Show.  After a short nap, I’m going to start working through them to  find a 100 or so worth turning into this years’s Art Show posting. Until then, here are a few images from Summer 2022 that I do not want to forget (like the sunflower to the right). 

  • SOAS2022pinaCalabro1 Later this evening (Saturday, Sept. 10), Pt. 1 of our 2022 Stockade Outdoor Art Show posting will appear at the top of our home page. And, it will hopefully grow into full coverage of the Show by Sunday afternoon, September 11, 2022. [Image to the left by Pina Calabro] update: Art Show posting completed Saturday, September 17, with over 200 images. See .
  • You can whet your appetite for more SOAS by browsing our 2021 Outdoor Art Show posting.


. . click on an image for a larger version . .

Happily, our Stockade sunflowers were back:


We had beautiful sunsets: 

CloudsOnFire . . clouds on fire

. . and supermoons, too:

supermoon11Aug22b . . Aug11supermoonproch

. . August 11 Supermoon, see from near Front St. and a porch at Cucumber Alley . . 

The Central Park Rose Garden continued to inspire:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • YuanExiled But, it was alarming to realize that the beloved sculpture by Robert Blood [Variations on the Chinese character Yuan (Garden)], with no paths leading to it from the main Garden or the Park sidewalks, and virtually no flowers or other decorative plants, was suffering the same fate as the City’s Statue of Liberty Replica — uprooted from a central, important spot and exiled during a landscaping project, despite there being plenty of room to bring it back to its original appropriate location. 


There were, of course, some dispiriting new sights (another Schenectady tradition). Above, another dull, large apartment building, this one at State Street and Clinton Avenue built by Redburn. And, below, construction completed at the New Pump Station, at N. Ferry Street and Riverside Park. It takes up space on a lovely and peaceful lawn, blocking views, emitting sewer odors, and dispacing the grandest old shade tree in the park (despite it being shown in all renditions of the pump station project shown the public), a healthy, century old silver Maple.  


At Liberty/Gateway Plaza, a frivolous “temporary” sculpture appeared at the end of July (image below) on the sculpture base where Lady Liberty Street should be, lacking its grace, gravitas and local history.




Finally, for some of my favorite Stockade and Downtown images of the summer of 2022, scroll down this page to see the Jumpin’ Jack’s Fireworks show, seen from the Schenectady side of the River (image above); two new and whimsical murals near Jay Street and Franklin Street; and beautiful blossoms in Riverside Park nurtured by Stockade residents.

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