Posted by: David Giacalone | December 4, 2022

2022 Stockade tree and community shine



. . songster Justin Friello, MC Colleen Macaulay, and Santa join Lawrence and the newly-lighted Stockade Tree


Tree22-Justin-Colleen An ample and amiable crowd of neighbors and City luminaries enjoyed some real, but not mean, winter weather under clear skies this evening, at Lawrence Circle, for the annual Stockade (Christmas) Tree-lighting ceremony. Justin Friello entertained and invoked the spirit with his selection of holiday songs and Stockade Association Vice President presided in the Circle (photo to left); Rev. Peter Carman gave an inspiring Blessing; Samta helped some cute neighborhood children light the tree; and a major portion of the celebrants continued the warm feelings in the After-Glow party in the Great Hall of St. George’s Church, where treats and good conversation awaited them. 


Here are a few images from the Ceremony (click on a mosaic square for a full, larger version of the photo; scroll over an image for a caption):


Tree2-FamilyPhoto The low light was a problem, but here are a few scenes from the crowd; click on a circle for a larger, full image:

Frankly, I was enjoying schmoozing and catching-up with neighbors too much to take many photos inside the Great Hall, where there was a satisfying after-glow. Here are a few of the faces I was happy to see:

. . not pictured, but appreciated:  Omar McGill, Gary McCarthy, Sylvie Briber. 


A sparkling almost-full moon was also in attendance:


  • Thanks Santa, we’re glad you came.


Many thanks to all who volunteered and came to celebrate. 


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