Posted by: David Giacalone | October 23, 2022

past-peak, gray sky, lovely


Autumn foliage always makes the Union College campus even lovelier. Although disappointed this past week that I got there when the colors were past-peak, and the sky was neither sunny nor blue, I quickly realized that the campus and Jackson’s Garden were nonethless a photographic treat and treasure. The photos in this posting were all taken on October 19, 2022, with most shot in a small part of Jackson’s Garden. [to the left, the gazebo in Jackson’s Garden]


IMG_5109 Before entering Jackson’s Garden, I viewed it from the inviting patio behind the Henle Dance Pavillion [at left], where the Red Dancer [above Right] has a wonderful view:





. . My visit had to be brief, and I stayed near the Garden’s raised flower beds behind the Reamer Campus Center and its spacious dining hall, which were looking good.

IMG_5119 . . IMG_5123






. . Chester Arthur’s Statue is just outside the Garden’s Kappa Alpha Gate:

UnionCollege-Arthur19Oct22 . . back on the campus grounds,

. . Nott Memorial was stately as ever. . IMG_5104

And, many scenes caught my eye:

IMG_5106 . . UnionCollageClock10Oct22





Click on a mosaic tile for a full, larger version of an image.


IMG_5094 (1)

. . down Library Lane to Union Street . . IMG_5089

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