Posted by: David Giacalone | March 3, 2023

we did have Stockade Flamingos in 2023

2023FlamingosSHand3 . . 2023 photos by Susannah Hand

2023FlamingosSHand2I was disappointed on February 14 this year, as I was not able to make my customary visit to Lawrence Circle to see the pink, daytripping flamingos. Nor could I post any Valentine images here at Suns Along the Mohawk. Happily, good neighbor and kind friend Susannah Hand stopped at the Circle late on February 13 and captured on her cellphone the recently arriving flamboyance settling in for the night with Lawrence.

Susannah shared a few photos so I would not break my streak of Valentine postings. Susannah’s images give us a little taste of the 2023 Stockade Valentine Flamingo Visitation.  The link in the prior sentence will take you to a dozen   prior postings celebrating the joyous, graceful Valentine treat.

Here’s one more by Susannah:


2014flamingosp.s. This year, I celebrated our Valentine flamingos by putting two of my favorite Lawrence Circle flamingo images (both from 2014) on canvas. You can see them full-sized at the bottom of our Photos On Canvas Page.

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