The Open Door

 In early November 2016, our first set of postcards became available at the Open Door Book Store & Gift Gallery, 128 Jay Street, on the Jay Street pedestrian mall in downtown Schenectady, cater-corner from City Hall. The collage below shows each of the first six postcards.

My proceeds from the first printing of postcards will be donated to Family and Child Service of Schenectady, which has long served our community from its headquarters at 246 Union Street, in the Stockade. Subsequent proceeds will be donated to non-profit agencies working to educate about, deter, or treat problem gambling in our community. (See this posting at our sister weblog “snowmen at the gates” on the need for programs to combat problem gambling as casino gambling is glamorized and normalized in Schenectady.)


. . click on the collage above for a larger version . . 

You can see larger versions of the first two Stockade postcards, by going to our Nov. 8, 2016 announcement post.

This Page will be updated as additional images are added to our line of postcards, or they become available at other retailers.


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