Posted by: David Giacalone | April 8, 2022

fotos not fools on April 1


. . mural behind Schenectady Light Opera Company . . [follow-up: Indiana Nash tells us in the Oct. 27, 2022 Daily Gazette that “It was designed by Rory Alexa and Lui Levanti, who worked on the piece for more than a year. It honors and reflects back on SLOC’s long history.” Mural to be unveiled Saturday (Oct. 29) at SLOC Community Day.”

On April 1st, I left home about 6 PM just planning to take my regular walk to Downtown from Cucumber Alley, via Ruverside Park.  But, the light was so inviting that I fished my Kodak pocket camera out of my jacket several times to take a photo.



I came home with images of the N. Ferry St. Pump Station, my first sighting of crocuses (along the south lawn fence at St. George’s Church), my discovery of an enjoyable mural behind Schenectady Light Opera Company (near its parking lot and Franklin St.; if you know its history and the artist, please let me know), and a view of City Hall and the new Urban Co-Works from the Jay Street Pedestrian Walkway. The half dozen shots are sprinkled above and below. 

At RIVERSIDE PARK near No. Ferry Street and the Overlook


. . . NewPumpStation01Ap2022

from the corner of JAY & FRANKLIN Streets



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