Posted by: David Giacalone | July 2, 2022

Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks return


It felt normal and nostalgic last night, as we viewed the Jumpin’ Jack’s Independence fireworks celebration from across the Mohawk River along the rear of Washington Ave. and Cucumber Alley. The two-year Pandemic Pause was a mere memory. As has become my tradition over the years, I’m embracing the results of shaky hands and premature shutter clicking for the beautiful, surprising serenpidity of colors and shapes they produced, in the sky and reflected on the River.

IMG_4729 (1)


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Click on any tile below for a larger version of the image. And, let’s all thank the folks at Jumpin’ Jack’s for throwing the lightshow we enjoy virtually every year on the Friday night before the 4th.



IMG_4702 (1)

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