Posted by: David Giacalone | August 3, 2022

Kith and Kin celebrate Jennifer A. Schmidt


The Schmidt Family (of Front Street in the Stockade) brought together scores of the kith and kin of Jennifer A. Schmidt, on Saturday July 30, 2022, to celebrate her life with affection and gratitude. The event was held on the rear lawn of the Schenectady County Historical Society headquarters, followed by a reception at The Stockade Inn.  Jennifer and her husband Larry (Lawrence R. Schmidt) raised their daughters Madeleine Stapel and Meredith Hudak in the grand house many of us believe has the best front porch in town. 

JAScelebrationSculpturePosterPlaque The ceremony included the dedication of a sculpture chosen by the family to symbolize Jennifer’s commitment to education, literacy, and preservation of the Stockade district. To the left is an image of the dedication plaque and below is a poster showing the sculpture. Arrival of the sculpture has been delayed by supply chain problems. Click on an image for a larger version.

 . . JAScelebrationSculpturePosterPlaque

SchmidtSCHSbenchTwo handsome, sturdy benches were also donated by the family. This editor/photographer loves the soft pre-sunset light on the foliage and lawn behind SCHS, and the new benches provide a perfect perch to enjoy serenity and beauty, as the sculpture garden grows.


Jennifer is loved and missed by family, friends and neighbors. And, the columns below show the people who came to celebrate her life last Saturday.  Click on a tile for a full, larger version.


. . . JAScelebration11 . . Meredith shares memories of her Mother

. . neighbors came to honor Jennifer . . JAScelebration17

JAScelebration1. . Larry [R foreground] sees that his plans came together very well. .

  • Jennifer-Bob2010OAS5x7 Editor’s Note: The only photo I had of Jennifer does not have perfect light balance, but seems quite appropriate for Jennifer: She is smiling while volunteering at the 2010 Stockade Outdoor Art Show, with Bob Briber, another beloved and departed Stockade neighbor, looking on.

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