Posted by: David Giacalone | October 16, 2022

pretty, windy, not too spooky



SpookyPhotos2 The blue skies made it difficult for the 2022 Fall Spooktacular to feel very spooky, but it was definitely a treat, with a lot of smiling little and big faces, and scarcely a discouraging word. Even a brisk, canopy-lifting wind couldn’t chase exhibitors, spooks and spook-lovers away. 

As often happens lately, I enjoyed schmoozing with exhibitors and revelers more than snapping photographs. But, I came home with a few I hope are worth sharing for posterity.

BTW: Not arriving until 3 PM, I apparently missed the campaigning politicians who normally flock to autumn events. Not that I’m complaining, but I had hoped to see and photograph a few in seasonal costumes. [Follow-up: Wait, I see Angelo was there, but sans costume.]

Here are images that should jog my memory if anyone asks what I did at the big 2022 Fall Spooktacular, “around City Hall and down Jay Street” in Downtown Schenectady. Presented by DSIC.


SpookyPhotos2. . mom gets another cute picture . . 

PumpkinBouncy . . definitely a great day for a pumpkin bouncy-bounce.


SpookMVP . . SpookNorthernRivers2

. . I enjoyed learning about the Northern Rivers child-caring conglomerate [R] and MVP accessible insurance plans . .


SpookyMichelleModernistic  . . 


. . above: Michelle Traver brought a coven or two of her Modernistic Tradition handcrafted flying witches, and her three daughters, too . . 


SpookAllButteredUp . . and, a few steps away, was a table showing the All Buttered Up tattoo designs of Hannah Butterfield, plus a double-buggy with charming 3-month-old twins.

Here are square tiles showing other scenes from the Stooktacular event. I wish I had arrived sooner, so that I could visit more exhibits and activities.

Click on an image for a full, larger version. Scroll over an image for a description


I had a good time, and hope the weather and activities are as enjoyable next year, when I will arrive a lot earlier.


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