Posted by: David Giacalone | April 30, 2013

blossoming nearby

cb2013ConGates2 . . .  ScotiaLibrary-magnoliaclose30Apr2013 You do not have to travel far from the Stockade neighborhood to see stands of cherry blossom trees and fine examples of magnolia blossoms. (Click here to see our coverage of 2013 Stockade blossoms; and here for the 2014 Stockade cherry blossoms.) Below is a collage of photos at Schenectady City Hall, on Sunday April 28, 2013, with its array of cherry blossoms.  Following that are two collages taken at Congregation Gates of Heaven in Niskayuna, NY, displaying their amazing weeping cherry blossom trees; one was shot yesterday on a overcast gray day (April 29), and the other under today’s bright blue skies.  Finally, you’ll find a compilation of photos taken of the magnolia trees blossoming this week at two Schenectady County Public Library locations — the Scotia Branch, with its gorgeous mature tree, and the Central Library, with a younger but lovely tree.


– City of Schenectady City Hall –


Schenectady's City Hall with cherry blossoms at full bloom - 28Apr2013

– collage: cherry blossoms at City Hall, Schenectady, NY – 28Apr2013 –

. . BUT, SEE: “In Mem. City Hall Cherry Blossoms” (April 25, 2019):


– as always, you can enhance your viewing pleasure by double clicking on a collage to see a larger version –

weeping cherry blossom trees under gray clouds at Congregation Gates of Heaven - Niskayuna NY - 29Apr2013

– above and below: weeping cherry blossom trees at Congregation Gates of Heaven –


weeping cherry blossom trees under blue skies at Congregation Gates of Heaven - Niskayuna NY - 30Apr2013


. scotiabranchlib2013

– Scotia Branch – located in the Abraham Glen House, built in 1730 –


collage of photos of blooming magnolia trees at the Central Library and Scotia Branch of SCPL - Schenectady County NY - 30Apr3013

– magnolias at our public library’s Scotia and Central branches –


ScotiaBranch-blooming30Apr2013  . . IMG_2713

– [L] Scotia magnolia – [R] Niskayuna weeping cherry blossom tree –

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