Posted by: David Giacalone | May 1, 2013

past-peak stoop-shoot


– the view immediately in front off my stoop on Washington Avenue –

As much as I love blossoms on trees, my enthusiasm for making pictures of them is clearly past its peak, as are the blossoms in our environs. [see our 2013 posting from the past week: here, here, and there] But, the light was making magic this afternoon as I went out my front door, and I decided I could not waste the opportunity to capture another facet  of blossom beauty.  The lazy guy inside my head and sinews came up with a compromise: I limited my photo shoot to whatever I could get sitting on my stoop with a dozen shots or less.  Here (and above) are a few of the survivors:



. . a tree that was short and scrawny a few years ago can now make a fairly impressive canopy, even past peak .



. . . looking north toward the River; quite a difference from just three days ago, but still quite lovely . .

– okay, I cheated; this shot was taken about 6 steps form my stoop:



follow-up (May 2, 2013): Stoop-shooting was fun, and the trees are still lovely, so I took a few more pictures this morning:

cb2013-ss02May  . . . cb2013-ss02May2

– there’s still a splash of pink in front of 17 Washington Avenue –


. cb2013-ss02May4

– a 1910 porch rail and pillars at 16 Washington Avenue, cherry blossoms, too –

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