Posted by: David Giacalone | October 26, 2014

the good kind of Stockade cover-up


Many thanks to all the volunteers,* led by Pete Pasternak with Colleen Macaulay and Tom Killeen, who made yesterday’s painting party at the Green Street trestle “Fun for all, benefiting all.”  For now, the tagging/graffiti, rust, etc., that have made the trestle an eyesore for so long has been covered over with a tasteful, piney green shade of paint.

You can see a few photos from the painting party at Colleen’s Facebook page.

– and click here for a Before & After Collage

This Slideshow has a few more scenes from the end of the afternoon. I understand Stacey Lauren-Kennedy from the Gazette came by with her camera earlier in the afternoon, when the sky was blue.  I hope the Gazette puts a shot online and in the newspaper. [update (October 28, 2014): They did a whole story, see “Schenectady ‘somebodies’ repaint eyesore“, Daily Gazette, by Mark McQuire]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Mr. Google snapped this shot in 2011: GreenStTrestle2011-byGoogleMaps


* I do not have all the names of the volunteers from throughout the day, but I understand (in addition to Bob, Mike and Jamie) they included: Dale and Owen Miller, Tom Hodgkins and his three hardworking charmers, Matt from Arthur’s Market with his guitar, Keith Dyer, Gloria Kishton, Bill Ackerman and more.  City Councilwoman Leeza Perrazzo came with two young people who were part of her anti-grafitti initiative; they painted the walls.

If I get more names, I will add them to this footnote.

Go here, to read about the Bad Kind of Schenectady Cover-up.

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