Posted by: David Giacalone | October 20, 2014

a quick look at uncovered trolley tracks


  Tracks from the old Washington Avenue horse-drawn trolley were uncovered during the long-overdue repaving of Washington Avenue, which began Friday, October 17, 2014.  When I went out this morning to snap a few photos for posterity, I found only one side of the pair of tracks visible, and more than half of it already covered with the new tar.

Nonetheless, the first collage below shows the remaining visible track at the “foot” of Washington Avenue, in front of #5 and #7 Washington Avenue, near the River.  A few minutes after I snapped the photos on that block, all of that uncovered track and cobblestone were again hidden under pavement.

– click on the collages for a larger version, that lets you see the trolley track close-up –




The second collage shows the visible trolley track on the block between State Street and Union Street on Washington Avenue, a few hours before it, too, was once again hidden.

collage showing uncovered trolley track on the south end of Washington Ave. in the Schenectady Stockdade on 10Oct2014


You can see a photo of the horse-drawn trolley on Washington Avenue, and learn a bit of its history, in the posting  “Schenectady’s horse-drawn trolleys, 1887 – 1891“, on the weblog of the Grems-Doolittle Library Collections (the Schenectady County Historical Society).


paving crew tractor on Washington Ave. 17Oct2014

– tractor at Union St. and Washington Ave., seen from the corner of Cucumber Alley –

We had lovely October weather for the repaving, and I hope to be back soon to post a few nice images from what may be the last paving event on this block this century.


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