Posted by: David Giacalone | May 14, 2010

historic district street signs arrive along Front St. (updated)

If you’ve been on Front St. over the past couple of days, you might have noticed that the much-anticipated Stockade Historic District street signs have been installed at each Front St. intersection in the Stockade (except Front and Washington Ave.).  I’m commemorating the event with this posting.  Thanks again to Beth Petta for her hard work and persistence on this project.  [I’ve asked her to supply me with the names of others involved in the project and will include them when I receive them from Beth.] Below you will find both a close-up of the street corner signs at each intersection and a photo of each signpost.

– as always, click on a photo for a larger version, and scroll over it for a description –

. . .

– above and below are signs at Front St & N. Ferry and Front & North Sts. –

. . .  . . . 

For more details about this this “adopt a sign,” self-paid project, see Beth’s article on page 3 of the January 2009 Stockade Spy, “Stockade Street Sign Project Finally a Go!” (pdf.).

Unlike the folks in Birmingham, England [see detailed explanation here] , the designers of our new signs left the apostrophe in “Governor’s Lane”:

. . . – click on either photo to see the grammatically and historically correct apostrophe –

Down on the east end of the Stockade, the intersections at College St. and Ingersoll Ave. also got the new historic district signs:

. . . .

– –

. . .

At N. Church and Front Sts. you’ll see:

. . 

finally: Lawrence’s view over his shoulder:. .

update (May 29, 2010):  The new signs went up at Union St. and Church St this week.  Here’s a shot taken May 27; you can find four more at our posting “around the block around sunset.”

p.s. A friend who lives on Front St. and drives or walks by several of those corners numerous times each day, just mentioned not having noticed the new signs yet.   In a way, it’s good that the signs are tasteful and blend in quite well with their surroundings, not screaming out for attention.  When they do catch your eye, they are a definite improvement over the mundane white on green signs that are seen all over town in so many cities. It is also good to know that some drivers pay attention to the road (hopefully, not their cell phones) and do very little rubber-necking while traversing the streets of the Stockade.

Click to see the Adopt-a-Historic-District-Sign Honor Roll of those whose efforts made the project successful.

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