Posted by: David Giacalone | March 7, 2011

blue skies and ice floes

The blue skies lured me out for another look at Riverside Park and the ice jams along the Mohawk River around 3:30 PM today (Monday, March 7, 2011).  Here are the results in a Slideshow and then a Gallery — with each photo untouched by any editing [for more ice jam photos from earlier today see “ice jamming along the Mohawk;” update (Fri., March 11): for flood watch coverage see our “weekend river watch along the Mohawk” and “waiting for sunset” ]:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


– as always, click on a Gallery photo below for a larger version –

. . .

In February 2010, beautiful and eerie ice floes invaded Riverside Park and Cucumber Alley.  


  1. Hello, David,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your postings. Took me decades to realize that a sunny day
    and a cloudy day are quite different!

    Really appreciate your tireless effort to showcase the Mohawk of all seasons.

    Much thanks,

    • good morning, Prof. Chang. You should get yourself and your camera down here more often, to show me how it’s done.

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