Posted by: David Giacalone | March 11, 2011

weekend river watch along the Mohawk

. . . 6 AM Saturday: free flowing . . .

– Flood stage (223′) reached 8 PM Friday; down to 219′ by midnight –

– ice jams and fog at Riverside Park (7 AM Friday March 11)

[Friday morning, March 11] It’s not yet the ides of March, but we already need to watch our backs along the Stockade section of the Mohawk, as snow-melt and rain fill the River and its tributaries and bring our annual flood watch.  As long as the River lets me get up-close, I plan to monitor the situation throughout the weekend, watching for ice jams and checking the level of the River.  The slideshow and gallery below will be updated as I get new photos.

As always, click on the gallery photos for a larger version and scroll over a picture for its description.  Scroll down our homepage for ice jam photo sessions earlier this week, and links to images from this time last year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . .

– click on the Gallery photos below for a larger version

. . .

p.s. Thanks to Fred Heitkamp for reminding us of the NOAA river watch/forecast webpage.  Click to see the frequently-updated graph for the Mohawk River at Schenectady. [note: flood level at Riverside Park is 223 feet]

Use this URL for the Weather Service graph:


  1. Thanks for monitoring things David. I always get anxious this time of year due to basement flooding. I wish something could be done about the jams underneath some of the bridges.

    • You’re welcome, Jeff. I’m puzzled over why the powers that be have not figured out how to smash/dislodge the ice jams that form so predictably at the base of the CSX trestle, causing the Stockade floods.

  2. Saw a blurb on an ice jam last night, it seems that it broke rather quickly. Very glad to see that it’s flowing now. Still I’m a little concerned that the level hasn’t dropped much, it’s been around 218.75 feet since around midnight according to the noaa site. 7 hours at the same level without dropping? I wonder if there’s a small jam further downstream that’s preventing it from dropping?

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