Posted by: David Giacalone | March 12, 2011

waiting for an ice-floe sunset

During this week of ice floes and rising waters along the Mohawk, some of my favorite images came as I was waiting impatiently last night (Friday) in Riverside Park for sunset to arrive, with its promise of pink and orange ice jams and snowmelt puddles.   For me, the pre-sunset light proved more alluring than sunset itself.

. click on a photo for a larger version; scroll over it for a description.


. . .

. . . 

– do not try this at home –

tot lot shadows near sunset - Friday 5:40 PM

. . .



. . .

– click for more 2011 ice jam and flood-watch photos

p.s. On the other hand, sunset had its charms, too:

. . . . . .

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