Posted by: David Giacalone | March 15, 2011

tranquil Ides of March

– photo taken at the end of Washington Ave. along the Mohawk – March 2008 –

Brutus and Caesar, with an assist from William Shakespeare, gave the Ides of March a bad reputation — with connotations of impending doom or betrayal by a friend still lingering two millennia later.  Around the Stockade, the River can turn from friend to vandal this time of year.  And, the melted snow perennially reveals the winter crime-sprees of our pooper-scooper scofflaws.

But, mid-March can also bring wondrous sights, like last week’s ice floes, and the first real promise of spring.  With the Equinox just a few days away, the longer days and added sunlight also brighten a lot of moods.  I hope the Stockade’s sunny 2011 Ides of March was tranquil and hopeful at your home.

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