Posted by: David Giacalone | September 8, 2013

the 62nd Stockade Outdoor Art Show picks winners

OAS2013-LawrenceCameo All the ingredients for a successful outdoor art show came together yesterday around Lawrence’s Circle in the Stockade, including just enough heat, a good array of artists, and an appreciative crowd.  The new management team, headed by Jessica and Charles Gelarden, and powered by a small but devoted group of helpers (including Karen Johnson, Jennifer Wells, Joe Fava, Erich Bachmeyer, the Schmidts, Zoe Oxley, Meredith Anker, and more), should be proud.  They presented Connie Colangelo with a special thank you gift in gratitude for the decades of work she and her family have devoted to the Outdoor Art Show.

Click for the Stockade Art Show’s Facebook Page.

– for about 80 of my favorite photos from yesterday’s Show, see “scenes from the 2013 Art Show.

Peter Watrous' painting received the blue ribbon for best in show

– Peter Watrous’s 1st Place painting –

This posting features photos of the art pieces chosen by the judges in the Show’s traditional categories, and the artists, too.  “Scenes from the 2013 Art Show” has scores of images of the people and exhibits and colors that made the event a pleasure to attend on many levels.

Peter Watrous took home the Blue Ribbon for best in show (see above).  Deborah Angilletta took 2nd place and Millie Patnode 3rd Place prizes (click on the photos for a larger version):

Deborah Angilletta's rural scene won 3rd Place . . .  Millie Patnode took the 2nd Place ribbon for a piece called "Last Line"

-above: the 2nd [L] and 3rd place selections –

Connie Colangelo received a special thankyou bouquet for decades of effort on her part making the Art Show a valued Stockade tradition

The other awards presented yesterday were:

Nick Colangelo Award for Best First Time Exhibitor:  Stephanie Holt

Oakroom Artists Award: George Searing

Ernest A.R. Cohen Award for Best Depiction of the Stockade: John Morrette

Youth Awards:

1st: Charles DeMarco

2nd: Grace Lambert

3rd: [tie] Jacqueline Danek and Elizabeth Petta

Honorable Mention: Alec Acevedo, John Elliott; Eric Laffer, Tim Prendergast, Jean Thatcher, and Bonnie White.

People’s Choice Award (chosen by ballot from the public):  Mary Occiogrosso

– congratulations to all the winners! –

Want more Stockade Outdoor Art Show winners? Click to see click to see our coverage of winners from 2012; 2011; 2010; and 2009

exhibitors and visitors filled up Front Street under variable skies  The following Slideshow includes the winning paintings and photography in each of the categories, plus photos of those winners who made it to the Circle and moved slowly enough for me to capture them digitally  (I will add the People’s Choice winner as soon as I ascertain the artist’s identity.)  The same photos can be found in a Gallery at the bottom of this posting.  Click on the Gallery thumbnails for a larger version of the image.

Note: Artists may use any of the photos in this posting without asking permission.  Others may also do so, for any non-commercial purpose.  Please attribute the photo to David Giacalone and suns along the Mohawk.

Also, please let me know if I have mislabeled, mis-spelled or omitted any piece or artist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


.Lawrence Circle at the time the Show opened


The Slideshow photos can be examined closer in this Gallery.


 p.s. (Sept. 11, 2013): I’m still trying to find out why a piece by Pete Shahdad [the blue one at top right in the photo at the head of this paragraph] was placed alongside the three top prize winners during the awards ceremony.  Show officials have not had an explanation, and my email to Pete has not yet been answered.  If a reader should know, please email or call me with the story.

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