Posted by: David Giacalone | September 12, 2010

a gallery of winners grace the 59th Stockade Outdoor Art Show

. .

– the 59th Stockade Outdoor Art Show took place September 11, 2010 –

[click here for the 2011 winners]

Helga Pritchard, Erik Laffer, and Robin Rosenthal were awarded the top prizes in yesterday’s 59th edition of the Stockade Outdoor Art Show, in Schenectady’s Stockade Historic District. Click to see the full list of prize winners. (Please leave me a comment to let me know if I have mislabeled an image or artist.)

Below you will find images of the winning pieces and artists. [See our posting “picture perfect Outdoor Art Show” for a couple dozen photos from the Show.]

You can click on an image for a larger version and scroll over it for a brief description.

. . . the 1st place prize went to Helga Pritchard –

. . for a look at the rest of Helga’s exhibit go here & there


. . . Erik Laffer, who won the 1st Place prize last year (see our posting on the 2009 Outdoor Art Show), took the 2nd Prize for 2010 . .

. . . 

– the 2nd place winner by Erik Laffer –

– the 3rd place winner by Robin Rosenthal

. . .

. . The People’s Choice Award (for the entire body of exhibited work) went to DiAnne Tracy . .

. . . Jim Miller won the award for 1st Time Exhibitor with a photo print on canvas of the front stoop at 22 Front St. in the Stockade



– this watercolor of the Van Dyck entryway by Charles DeMarco won the Ernest A.R. Award for Best Depiction of the Stockade Neighborhood –

. . . Karen Rosasco presented Betty Bumgarner [L] with the James Gilliland/George Weinheimer Oakroom Artists Award

[late but not least:]

– Ashley Laper accepts Best Stockade Resident award for her father, Robert –

best piece by a Stockade Resident: Robert Laper –


Student Winners in the Young Artist category:

– 1st Place Young Artists Award went to Ashley Werner  –

. . .

– Dorlian Johnsen [L] took 2nd Place and Sandra Gray 3rd for Young Artist –

– photograph by Sandra Gray

[I apologize that the above photo was taken after the piece had been dropped and the photo art is askew; I also need help to identify 2nd place painting in the Youth category, so that I can post an image of it.]

. . . and there were 12 Honorable Mention winners [click for the full list]

. . .

. . . samples of the submissions by the Honorable Mention artists (click on them for a larger version) . .

– Meredith Anker (L), Debra Volks, and Matt Volks (General Chairman) led the team of workers for  this year’s Outdoor Art Show –

. . .

. . along with Jennifer Wells and Connie Colangelo . .

Finally, here are the four Art Show Judges at work:

. . . . . .

Reminder: To see photos of many images that caught my eye at the 59th Stockade Art Show, see our posting “picture perfect Outdoor Art Show 2010“.

p.s. Although we called the winner-boards posted above a complete list of all winners, the version we saw and photographed last night inadvertently left the Best Piece by a Stockade Resident category off the list. Robert Laper won that prize this year.


  1. David, although I was included in the group photo of the winners, I won for the Best Stockade Artist. I see no mention of my name on that list you photographed either. I’m not that disappointed in the absence of mention..alas, I have the check instead…lol

    • Robert, I am most sorry about the oversight. As you have pointed out and I now see, that prize was left off of the winners-board put up by Matt Volks after the ceremony. A feeble excuse: my mind is pretty foggy after too much strolling at the Show and too much staring a photos late last night and all morning. I was not trying to slight you, even though you did shoo me away when I was trying to snap a photo of you and Sylvie.

      update (4:30): I have added your category and a photo of the winning piece. I’ve also noted at the foot of the post that the winner-boards inadvertently forgot your prize.

  2. That’s too funny because I forgot that I didn’t go up. My daughter Ashley did. I was busy with customers. You have the right photo but it is Ashley Laper. Not Ashley Werner. Thanks for pointing out that I am getting senile :-)

  3. Thanks for the nice correction!!!

  4. Great coverage of our wonderful show. You did an excellent review of this show. Thank you for all you did to help with this show. We appreciate all the volunteers that gave of their time and energy.

    Nice coverage!

    • You are, as always, too kind. And, as always, I appreciate your kind words very much, Connie.

      Having done very little to actually help with the Show, I want to again thank the Show committee and all the volunteers.

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