Posted by: David Giacalone | May 16, 2012

meeting the down-to-earth Lawrence


–  face to face with Lawrence –

. .

  The Historic Stockade Association & Legere Restorations held a fundraiser for the Association’s Lawrence Restoration Fund yesterday evening at the patio of the VanDyck Lounge.  I had fun and it looked like everyone else did, too.  Poor light under the canopy reduced the number of photos worth sharing, but I think you’ll see in the Slideshow below that meeting Lawrence off his pedestal was a treat.  Naturally, I want our icon back at his post soon, with all his dignity in tact.

  Due to rainy whether, Ray Legere told me Lawrence might not be re-installed at his Circle on his restored pedestal until next week. Click here to see our posting on Lawrence’s removal from the base on May 2, 2012, plus views of his refurbished base.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each of the photos in the Slideshow can be found in a Gallery under-the-fold.  Click on any photo for a larger version, and scroll over it for a description.  Feel free to use a photo for any non-commercial purpose.


  1. You take the best photos! Thank you for all your contributions to our neighborhood.

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