Posted by: David Giacalone | September 12, 2020

2020’s unconventionally good outdoor art show


Today’s 69th Annual Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show had special COVID-19 pandemic rules and procedures. Organizers and fans wondered whether the lack of registration, judging and awards would keep artists and patrons/browsers away, with a backdrop of virus-fueled agoraphobia. Well, we did not have to worry. Gorgeous weather, a palette-full of artists, and a robust number of masked visitors made the Show a bright success.

You’ll find almost a hundred photos in this posting, with a great variety of art and people, light and shadow.

Many thanks go out to all the organizers, artists and visitors.

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IMG_1937  . . . IMG_2002

. . Alec Acevedo was back alongside Arthur’s Market on Front Street [L], accompanied this time by a colorful exhibit of pieces produced by his parents [R] while sheltering at home during the pandemic.

Although there was no Winners Circle at Lawrence Circle as a focus, this posting has about 90 images from today’s Outdoor Art Show presented in a Slideshow, columns, and/or individual photos. As always artists may use any image of their exhibits with no need to ask permission, and all others may use the images for non-commercial purposes, with attribution to

This Slideshow has images from my first stroll up Front Street from Church St. to Lawrence Circle. For a larger version of a photo, pause the slideshow, right-click, and choose Show Image in Separate Tab.

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IMG_1956 . . IMG_1954 . . Kim Leahey was back again with a vast display of her Kilaarts art.

. . and, new Front Street neighbor Scott Friello exhibited for the first time (see below), as did a refreshing number of others, taking advantage of the waived registration fee.

Scot Friello exhibit


IMG_2014-001. . At 25 Front Street, I expected to see the art of the homeowner, Olivia Ortega. But, she and her husband Emmanuel Maillet were instead hosting the frequently-awarded art of Stockade resident Holly Van Voast. 


. . Click on a tile in this mosaic for a larger, full version:


Erik Rutnik once again brought several finished pieces, and again used his time well working on a new piece, catching the eye of Haley Viccaro:



IMG_2017 . . . IMG_2020

Above: Crowd favorite Oakley N. Lauren (L) got a lot of attention as he strolled the Show, but had quite a bit of competition in the cutest doggie contest (example on right).

This tiled mosaic has more images from the 2020 art show. Click on a tile for a full, larger version.


. . (mea culpa) I did it again: Enjoyed conversing with veteran Art Show exhibitor Peter Watrous so much early Saturday morning, that I forgot to shoot pictures of this year’s exhibit in front of 29 Front St. He brought winners from prior years, such as this First Place painting from 2013:


Stockader David Lira was also showing his stuff at 29 Front Street:

IMG_2011-001 . . IMG_2011

. .

Tireless Art Show organizer Zoe Oxley was visiting Holly’s exhibit when I took this photo:


. . and, earlier, Rick Sacchetti’s display on N. Ferry Street:



. Bright sunshine enhanced colors and shadows throughout the Show:







Finally, here’s another slideshow of images I’d like to share of the 2020 Stockade Art Show. Thanks again to all those who made the Show so enjoyable to visit and photograph.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In mem. Ivy Yuan. Many Outdoor Art Show lovers very much missed seeing the art and energy of Ivy Yuan, the 2019 Best First-time Exhibitor. Ivy passed away from cancer at 52 in May, leaving a void in our community and the life of her friends. You can learn about Ivy and her art here.


. . click here to see our giant 2021 Outdoor Art Show posting 

postscript: Next year, let’s rendezvous at the new Arthur’s 1795 Market, with Haley Priebe and her crew.


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