Posted by: David Giacalone | September 12, 2010

picture perfect Outdoor Art Show 2010

. . . For photos of the 2010 winning art and artists click here; and here for the 2011 winners. .

– (9:30 A.M.) Lawrence awaits the art, artists & crowds –


– watercolor by Charles DeMarco –

 With brilliant sun, a blue sky, and temperatures in the mid-70s, yesterday was indeed “picture perfect” for an outdoor art show (except for those unfriendly mosquitoes).   The bright sun and dark shadows — and hat brims — made conditions tricky for the amateur photographer from this weblog, but I believe you’ll agree that the 59th Stockade Outdoor Art Show was a sparkling success.  Please tell me (by email or a comment below) if I mislabel the art or the people, and let me know the names of artists who I have not been able to identify for many of the pieces below.

.. as always, click on a photo for a larger version and scroll on it for a description ..

Here are images that caught my eye (plus some of my favorite people):

– paintings by Tony Iadicicco –

. . . 

– two views of an interesting hemisphere made from cereal boxes and more –

– Laurie & Sylvie added to the fun at the Art Show –

– Steve Kowalski’s display in front of 22 Front Street –


. . . . .  

– Lawrence got to hang out with some winning art –

– noon view up N. Ferry  St. from Front St. –




. . .

. .  . .

– you can count on the Hodgkins family for cute shots – 

– Stephan Bourgeois had a good spot on Front St. .


. . .

– some of the pieces of art submitted to the judges –

– 1st Time Exhibitor Jim Miller pleased the crowd and the judges with this photo-print on canvas image of  the entryway at 22 Front St. in the Stockade (click for my photo taken the day of the Art Show) –


. . . .

– an exhibit or just colorful transportation? –

– a beautiful Riverside sunset from a new Stockade artist –


– the corn chowder still attracts a crowd at St. George’s along N. Ferry St. –

. .  .  .  .

– Sharon shies away but Vince looks for publicity when the camera comes out –

– some of us used a lot of shoe leather (or rubber) at the Art Show; Robin Rosenthal brought a few extras –


. . .


– while the elders worked the kids played at the 59th Stockade Outdoor Art Show -.

–  Meanwhile, Officer Green does his job – to schmooze and protect –


Finally (for now at least), we always think of Lawrence the Indian as the backdrop for the Outdoor Art Show.  For me, however, St. George’s Church on N. Ferry St. makes the more interesting background or foil for Art Show activities and sights.  As with the corn chowder photo above, the light and shadows yesterday made the Church especially appropriate as part of an outdoor art exhibition.



– click to see the list of prize winners

. . . For our posting with photos of the winning art and artists click here. . .


  1. After all these years, I finally got a look at the Art Show through your eyes. Thanks so much.

    • You’re very welcome, Connie. But, did you miss my coverage last year? See

      Of course, it goes without saying that we all owe a great debt to the Colangelo and Volks family and the Art Show heritage they nurtured and continue.

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