Posted by: David Giacalone | September 26, 2010

Walkabout 2010 shines

A beautiful day, friendly crowds, lovely homes, food and festivities: in other words a very successful Stockade Walkabout for 2010. [update: click to see images of the 2011 Walkabout ; and our connection to WMHT’s Our Town Schenectady.]

Here’s a slideshow of about 40 photos to give you some of the flavor.  Below the slideshow you’ll find the pictures in gallery format; scroll over a gallery photo for a description; click on a gallery photo for a larger version; clicking on that larger version will bring you to the (usually) even larger jpg. source image.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Lyn Gordon, Gloria Kishton, Carol DeLaMarter, all of the committee members, volunteers and sponsors.

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